About East Penn Medical Practice

East Penn Medical Practice, Inc is a dedicated family medicine practice that has been serving Lehigh Valley patients for more than 40 years.  We provide primary care medical services for patients infants, children, teens, adults and senior citizen.  Our core focus is to develop trusting  relationships with our clients, so that we can provide the most personalized medical guidance.

Whether you require health and wellness guidance, or specific diagnosis and treatment, the team at East Penn Medical is ready to support all your medical needs. We utilize the latest technologies to supervise your medical history and treatment plans, while listening to you and carefully considering your concerns. We are your trusted partner in managing your health.

Meet Our Team

Dedicated to serving you. We take great pride in developing one-on-one relationships with all our patients. Please take a moment to learn more about our doctors and staff.

Dr. Robert Barnes
Dr. Brian Barnes
Namrhen Lyngdoh
Our Support Team

Serving Your Family Medicine Needs for 3 Generations

My parents first took me to East Penn Medical Practice when I was a little boy. I have so many good memories of visits to see Dr. Robert Barnes. You couldn't ask for a more caring or compassionate physician. His gentle nature and attentive bedside manner always made me feel safe as a child.

I'm now 42 years old and I have three children of my own. I take all my children to see Dr. Robert Barnes, and I was thrilled when his son, Dr. Brian Barnes, joined the practice in 2005. Dr. Brian is just like his Dad... ever-concerned about the health and well-being of his patients, ready to listen and always attentive. I've always felt like part of the family at East Penn Medical Practice and I can't imagine having a higher level of trust or confidence in a family doctor.

Abel Anderson / 35 Year Patient, Emmaus, PA

Abel Anderson